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Prepurchase Auto Inspection

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  Prepurchase Auto Inspection business.

  Business Overview

  Are you a certified mechanic who wants to make an extra $25,000 or more each year operating your own part-time business? If so, perhaps you should consider starting an automotive inspection service that operates on a mobile basis. Each year in Canada and the United States millions of previously owned cars and trucks are sold. And with the average cost of a secondhand vehicle now in the range of $8,000, many purchasers are turning to automotive inspection services to inspect the cars for mechanical deficiencies prior to purchasing the vehicle in question. Marketing an automotive inspection service beyond word-of-mouth referrals can be accomplished by utilizing local print mediums for advertising and establishing alliances with car clubs to act as their representatives for the inspection services. Current rates for mobile automotive inspections start at $50 and as much as $250 for RVs and trucks.
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