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Online Advice Columnist

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  Online Advice Columnist business.

  Business Overview

  There are thousands of informational and news Web sites posted on the Internet, and this fact creates a fantastic opportunity for the creative writer and entrepreneur to capitalize by starting an online advice column service. The first step to starting this unique online business is to decide the are of advice the service will specialize in, such as hoe-to home renovations, social issues, marriage, business, etc. The next step is to create a sample of the advice column and begin to e-mail the sample of the advice column to as many online news and information service as possible. The advice column scan be updated on a daily or weekly basis. Securing a mere 100 online companies to feature the advice column on their Web site can create an income of $50,000 per year, providing you charge each subscribing company only $10 per week to post the column.
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