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Silk-screening service

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  Silk-screening service business.

  Business Overview

  The most common use for silk-screen printing is clothing, especially T-shirts. However, silk-screen printing equipment can be used for printing logos and images on a variety of products such as mouse pads, bumper stickers, heat transfers, shower curtains, binder covers, furniture and sports items, just to mention a few. Still it is often better to stick with what traditionally will generate revenues and profits for a business, and in this case that means silk-screening T-shirts, hats, jackets and sweatshirts for corporate promotional wear, gifts, sports uniforms and special events. If you're the creative type, you can also design your own T-shirts or stickers and use your screen-printing skills to create your own products to sell at local boutiques or online.    The profit potential is great for a silk-screening business as T-shirts can be purchased wholesale for less than $5 each and the ink used to print the image adds up to only a few cents per printed item. Simply securing orders for 500 printed T-shirts a week and charging only $10 each for the shirt and the printing can generate a gross profit in excess of $100,000 per year'a compelling reason to start your own silk-screening business today.

  The Market

  Your customers will be local businesses and organizations who may want promotional items or T-shirts for their sports team or event.
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