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True Untold Historical Story that is Unknown to the Public

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I have written a true untold historical story that has been a family secret for nearly 85 years. Years ago my great aunt was out looking for a job and walked into the office building of a famous man by the name of DC Stepheson and was hired on as his personal secretary. She knew nothing about him or his business but over time she figured it out and on the same day of his incarceration she took and hid his busness ledgers. The following day the FBI raided his office and did not find what they were looking for. My story tells what people did looking for those ledgers and even after 45 years later they were still looking for those ledgers. My story starts on the same day of his incarceration and what went on after that and I do not know what went on before that time. How I have every name in the state of Indiana in those ledgers. My story is funny and exciting and would make for a great comedy or series and I plan on helping the poor of all nationality with some of the money I make off of my eBook and movie idea. I might have a buyer next week and have had 3 other companies interested in my story which is based on a true story. If interested contact me at 317-534-4142 (
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