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Online Mailing List Sales

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  Online Mailing List Sales business.

  Business Overview

  Let customers go online to select the mailing lists they wish to purchase. Develop a Web site that is indexed into various 'mailing list' sections. These sections would be broken down into demographic and consumer buying habit headings such as 'people interested in purchasing a business opportunity' or 'people who regularly purchase videos by mail.' The possibilities are endless in terms of the sections featured on the site. Entrepreneurs that are now in the business of selling mailing lists to other business owners could post their information and lists on the site for a monthly fee or a percentage of the sales generated. This type of cyberventure could prove very profitable, but the key to success is to have good-quality mailing lists. The site must be user-friendly, too. Be sure that downloaded mailing lists also have a program embedded that enables the user to create mailing labels automatically from the list. There are many specialized software applications available that include this function and typically you will only have to pay a one-time licensing fee for the program.
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