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  Going to a variety of Dr's is normal for most people - people who move around alot or just can't in to see their Doctor. I am suggesting a Dr's Data Base! Your information from ANY Doctor you have seen would be recorded on this central data base that would, of course, be protected. Dr's would enter into it directly and every drug or diagnosis and blood test you have would be entered. This would allow the Dr's to see what previous Diagnosis you have had and perhaps you have a PRE-CONDITION that may actually be preventable - the Dr would know about it regardless of which Dr you go to. Also, for elderly people or those who are not up on what the Dr last told them - now becomes available to help this Doctor diagnose properly. Also those that doctor hop to get several Rx's will be caught. Statistics can be taken for research purposes. Only thing - we might have to send the Dr's back to school to learn to type but can anyone read their handwriting anyways - gee we are curing alot of things with this idea. Vote HOT IDEA for this one.
Tracy Exnowski
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