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Secret rumour-spreading organisation

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  An organisation funded and manned by volunteers would be set up with the sole purpose of spreading rumours. Several hundred normal citizens would be recruited, each putting in arround $10. Letters would be sent to editors of newspapers, radio hosts, webmasters and other media outlets. When enough people with the right skills have been recruited, a large meeting will take place, and a rumour will be decided on. Everyone will be given a role in the hoax. Some will be eye witnesess. Others will bombard blogs and forums with claims. And others would write stories for their newspaper, or have discussions on radio. A homemade "documentary" would be made and circulated on the internet, or even on mainstream TV. Only the managers of the organisation would know how the hoax is going to be told, and what developments will be "discovered". They will be the ones who decide when the time has come to tell the world about the hoax. They will not reveal everything, and not name the organisation (or even admit that it exists), because soon, the time will be ripe for another enoromous hoax.
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