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  Maid Service business.

  Business Overview

  Housecleaning: It's one of those necessary evils that most people dislike intensely. Even people who don't mind doing housework often find their time budgets stretched thin. The solution? Hire someone to do it. And that "someone" is usually a maid service.     Although providing residential cleaning services isn't exactly glamorous, its low startup costs and high sales potential make it attractive to many entrepreneurs. Another attraction of the business is the hours, many operators work Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and they get to take holidays off. A maid service is also a great homebased business that you can run by yourself or with employees.

  The Market

  While some businesses have extremely limited customer bases, maid services have literally millions of potential customers. They may either rent or own their homes, and they live in single-family residences, apartment units and condominiums. In addition to occupied homes, maid services also clean rental apartments and homes between tenants, and homes after the construction crews are finished and before the buyer moves in.

  Needed Equipment

  You need a variety of cleaning supplies and equipment for each of your workers, including mops, brooms, sponges, vacuums, step ladders, buckets, rags, gloves, face masks and all of your soaps, oils, polishes and cleansers. Your company may also have decorated company vehicles. Your maid service will also need office supplies such as a computer and printer, fax machine and dedicated telephone line.
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