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Discount Sports Footwear

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  Discount Sports Footwear business.

  Business Overview

  Good-quality sports shoes can cost as much as $150 per pair, and that number is multiplied by the number of people in the household. Not every family can afford to spend more than a thousand dollars each year on new sports shoes, and that adds up to an incredible business opportunity to start a retail business that specializes in selling discounted sports footwear. The question is not will people buy good-quality brand-name sports footwear at discounted prices. That is a given. The real question is how do you purchase the sports footwear at low enough discount prices that still will let you make a profit reselling them? The answer is work. It takes time to establish alliances and contacts in this industry. You have to seek out opportunities to purchase manufacturers' seconds, discontinued product lines, and liquidation inventory from out-of-business retailers and retailers seeking to sell older stock. Seek to expand the product line by also providing customers discounted sportswear and sporting equipment to increase business revenues and profits.
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