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Ceiling Cleaning Service

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  Ceiling Cleaning Service business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a ceiling cleaning service is one of those business opportunities that can be a costly venture to set into action, or the business can be started for a modest amount of money. In the spirit of shoestring start-ups, let's choose the low-budget approach. Simply purchase a few buckets, a swivel-head cleaning pad with a telescopic handle, a ladder, initiate a basic marketing program consisting of flier distribution and introduction telephone calls, and you're in the ceiling cleaning business for less than $1,000. Build alliances with commercial property management firms and office cleaners, as both can refer your service to their clients. Do not be afraid to wear out a pair of walking shoes, because a great deal of new business can be secured by simply cold calling on offices and restaurants in your local area and introducing the owner or manager to your service. Ceiling cleaning is a solid choice for a new business enterprise; the industry is stable, there is proven consumer demand for the service, operating overheads are minimal, and the learning curve is quick and easy to master.
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