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Tonerless plain paper laser printing

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  Laser printing on plain paper. Can it not be done by accurately calibrated laser just powerful enough to charr the surface of plain paper to create characters and images? Only basic scanner needed. No toner, no consumables. You can print on both sides too. Right from the time I heard of laser printers in 1973, I always thought that it would be this way. I am now 57 yrs and have been in computer maintenance field since 1968. I know xeroxes and laser printers' insides.
  A little elaborate concept is as below..... For calibration, the laser burns a small square blot at top left corner of the page at increasing power and with help of a sensor, burns it just enough black. And
calibrates the laser for that paper (alternately, it can be precalibrated for standard grammage paper) Then it simply runs the machine. Afterall lasers can cut "corneas" (LASSIK sight correction) as well as diamonds. All the problems like safety etc have been solved there, and they may get solved here also.
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