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  Online Children's Camps business. Help parents find the right camp for their kids with an online directory.

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  Worldwide, parents have thousands of options in terms of what type and what style of camp they can choose to send their children to. However, due to the fact that there are thousands of choices, most parents will only learn about a very small percentage of these camps, thus potentially missing out on an opportunity to send their children to a camp that would be beneficial in terms of development. Herein lies the business opportunity. Create a website that operates as a directory for children's camps located around the globe. The site could be indexed by the style of camp and geographic area. This would enable parents or kids to locate camps that are of interest to them within close proximity to their community. You could literally employ sales consultants in every state, or even country for that matter, to contact camps in their area and solicit the camps to become members featured on the website. Given the fact that there are thousands of various camps worldwide it would only require that a small percentage of these camps pay a minimal yearly listing fee to be featured on the site for this online venture to become profitable.
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