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Help! Need ideas for simple but elegant food for afternoon holiday party for 40

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We did the evite - and so far I have 28 adults, 4 infants, 6 toddlers and 5 kids coming to our not so huge house. I never thought they would all say yes...(and I have a few more pending).

We used to throw great holiday parties and I am sure our friends are nostalgic... so I want to deliver (despite the fact that since my last party I delivered 2 kids - so this party will need to come together while I juggle an infant and toddler).

The criteria
-Has to be easy to eat while balancing a plate in hand
-I need to get the majority of the cooking done ahead of time.
-The food should bring joy to my friends while not being too time intensive to prepare
-Since the party runs from 4-8 I'd like some meal like options
-I need a smattering of toddler foods.

Thanks so much for your thoughts!
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