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Driftwood and Log Furniture

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  Driftwood and Log Furniture business. Bring the outdoors in with driftwood and log furniture.

  Business Overview

  One of the best aspects about starting a business that designs and manufactures driftwood and log furniture for the home and patio is the fact that much of the raw manufacturing materials can be acquired for free or for very little cost. There are literally hundreds of different household and patio furniture products that can be manufactured from driftwood, rough cut logs, or even waste wood. These furniture products and home decorations can include coffee tables, benches, serving trays, side tables, chairs, planters, storage boxes, bunk beds, and picture frames; and these are only a few examples. One unique product that is very easy to manufacture is driftwood coffee tables. Basically all that is involved is to locate a suitable piece of driftwood, clean with bleach, level and sand as required, and add a shaped glass top. Presto!'a highly saleable and unique piece of functional furniture. Once created, you can sell your furniture and decoration items by renting booth space at home and garden shows, flea markets, and even a kiosk in a mall on weekends. Be sure to contact interior decorators in the area to introduce them to your unique furniture product line. A basic homebased workshop and tools will be required to get started, as well as some creative design abilities, but that is about all that is needed to get this business off the ground and earning profits for you.
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