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Used Restaurant Equipment Sales

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  Used Restaurant Equipment Sales business.

  Business Overview

  Did you know that starting a restaurant is one of the most common new business ventures? And, did you also know that more than 90 percent of new restaurants go out of business within the first five years of operation? The combination of these two facts is the basis for starting a business that buys and sells secondhand restaurant equipment like grills, fryers, and coffee machines. Simply put, when one restaurant goes out of business you purchase their equipment, and when another restaurant opens you resell that same equipment for a profit. This type of business venture can be started and operated from home initially and moved to a larger location as the business expands. Furthermore, you can specialize in one particular type of restaurant equipment such as deli equipment or in restaurant equipment in general. The potential to earn large profits from selling secondhand restaurant equipment is outstanding, and this business opportunity definitely warrants further investigation.
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