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Leather Fashions

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  Leather Fashions business.

  Business Overview

  Selling leather fashions is another great fashion retailing business to initiate. Worldwide, there are thousands of manufacturers of leather fashions and accessories, so securing a wholesale source for products shouldn't prove to be difficult. Leather apparel stores can be found in many indoor and strip malls, but can also retailed through the Internet, catalog sales, fashion shows or fair booths. Like many clothing ventures, the profit potential is excellent for a business that retails leather fashions, as many items can retail for as much as $1,000 each, and the same item can often be purchased wholesale for less than $500.

  The Market

  Leather apparel ranges so you might target fashionable men and women looking for leather pants and skirts; motorcycle riders; or people interested in western apparel, especially cowboy boots. Handbags and jackets will appeal to a wide audience.

  Needed Equipment

  Your equipment will depend on where you retail your wares. For a store, you'll need all the necessary signage, fixtures and payment processing equipment. For a homebased catalog or Web venture, you'll need adequate storage, mailing supplies and computers to keep track of orders. If you plan on hitting the fair circuit, you'll need the makings of an attractive booth.
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