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Specialty Sauces

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  Specialty Sauces business. Help eateries spice up their menus with some extra condiments.

  Business Overview

  Have you been selected as the guardian of age-old family recipes such as barbecue sauces, salsa and salad dressings? If so, perhaps you should consider sharing the family treasures with others and start a business that specializes in making and marketing specialty sauces. Once prepared, the sauces can be sold in bulk to restaurants or packaged into smaller quantities and sold to grocery stores and specialty food retailers on a wholesale basis. The main objective in this type of food processing business is very straightforward. The sauces must taste good and the packaging must be unique to gain consumers' interest in trying the product. Additionally, be sure to enlist the services of a product demonstration service to give away free samples of the sauces in the stores that'll be retailing the products as a method of promotion.
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