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Pets-Allowed Apartment Rentals

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  Pets-Allowed Apartment Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  The most common phrase in house or apartment for rent advertisements is 'no pets allowed.' If you have a dog or cat, then there is a good chance that you have dealt with the very frustrating task of finding a new rental home for yourself and your pet. This business opportunity comes to the rescue of all pet owners who are seeking rental accommodations that allow pets. To get going, contact landlords and property management companies in your community to inquire about their particular regulations in regards to renting residential units to people with pets. The landlords who indicate that they do allow pets in their units are the ones who will benefit. Why? Simply because you can save the landlords money in advertising costs. How? By providing free advertising via your pets-allowed property rental service. The money earned in this business is derived from the pet owners seeking the rental accommodations, as they pay you a fee to locate an apartment or house for them that allows pets. The most effective marketing method for this rental service is to simply run a classified advertisement under 'Houses for Rent' and 'Apartments for Rent' in your local newspaper. The ad should run every day and simply read 'Hundreds of houses and apartments for rent that allow pets' (plus your telephone number).
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