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  Pet Mats business.

  Business Overview

  Selling dog and cat specialty mats is a fantastic homebased business to start that really has the potential to earn some serious cash. You can purchase the pet mats in bulk relatively inexpensively and silk-screen on the customer's pet name in bright colors. The mats can be sold directly to consumers via a specially designed sales kiosk that can be setup on weekends at malls and flea markets. This business has the potential to generate sales in excess of $1,000 per day, and best of all, the entire business can easily be set in motion for less than $5,000. Additional revenues can be earned by silk-screening pet names for clients on other types of products, such as pet clothes. These products can also be sold right from the silk-screening kiosk. Once established and proven successful, this business venture is another ideal candidate for expansion by selling franchises to qualified operators right across the country.
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