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Outdoor Bicycle Racks

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  Outdoor Bicycle Racks business. Popularity over greener modes of transportation increases the need for bike racks. What better place to advertise?

  Business Overview

  Are you searching for a unique advertising business opportunity that can be managed from a homebased office, and has the potential to generate a six-figure annual income? If so consider starting a bicycle rack advertising service. The business concept is very straightforward. Simply design and build bicycle lock-up stands that can accommodate four to six bicycles each, and that can be securely fastened to the ground in outdoor locations. The bicycle stands serve two purposes. Firstly, they introduce a terrific advertising medium by creating an advertising space on the top of the stand that can be rented to local merchants and service providers for advertising purposes. The second purpose of the stand is to provide a secure location for cyclists to lock up bicycles while shopping at community retailers.
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