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Everything For Birds

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  Everything For Birds business.

  Business Overview

  The title of this business opportunity may have a few of you confused. What exactly is an 'everything for birds' business venture? The business opportunity is simply this, bird watching, feeding, and bird ownership in the United States is big business that generates millions of dollars each year in related sales. An everything for birds business is a retail operation that sells everything to do with birds, both wild and domesticated, but not the birds. The store can be setup and located in any one of the following retail sales formats: a mall kiosk, an individual store, or kiosk within an existing retail business such as a supermarket. The focus of the business is to purchase bird-related items such as bird feed, birdhouses, and books on bird watching on a wholesale basis, add a generous markup, and retail these items to consumers. The profit potential for this type of specialty retail operation is terrific, as the overheads can be kept to a minimum and the markups that can be applied to these types of product for retail sales are in the range of 100 to 200 percent.
  In addition to retail sales from a fixed location, the innovative entrepreneur could also sell bird-related products over the Internet utilizing a specially designed Web site for product sales, or post the products for sale in the many Internet malls. Finding products for the business can be accomplished by purchasing one of the many manufacturing directories that are available. These directories focus on information such as the type of product, the uses for the product, manufacturers contact information, and the person to contact within the company. Manufacturing directories are available for North America or worldwide. Once established, this type of specialty retail business is an ideal candidate for franchising nationally to qualified operators or franchisees. Aim to achieve yearly gross sales of $200,000 in an everything for birds store and the business can easily generate gross profits in excess of $100,000 providing you can maintain a 100 percent markup on products sold.
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