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  Store Fixtures business.

  Business Overview

  Many retail businesses are started on a shoestring budget often not allowing for the purchase of new store fixtures. Renting store fixtures like display cabinets, shelving, and cash registers can be a way that you can get into business in your local community without a lot of previous business experience. Potential clients include businesses who require the use of store fixtures on a temporary basis including inventory liquidators, businesses setting up at local trade shows, and existing businesses establishing secondary satellite locations. A store fixture rental business may not be a good candidate for starting and operating from home due to the storage space that will be required, unless of course you have adequate storage space available at home.
  start-up costs: New high quality store fixtures are extremely expensive. However, scanning local newspapers for business closure notices may result in an ability to purchase high-quality store fixtures secondhand for a fraction of their original retail value. Investment range is $10,000 to $25,000.
  profit potential: The demand is not as high for store fixture rentals as other rental ventures that can be started. You may want to consider adding sales of used store fixtures and equipment as a method of supplementing rental revenue.
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