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Virtual window to the world

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    Technologies are constantly developing and becoming cheaper. They make our life more comfortable and joyful.
    A virtual window in a wall is a great example of such development. It can display any dynamic pictures you like: from the magnificent scenery to the life in the deep sea or the view from the orbital station window.
    Winscape virtual window provides the effect of presence in front of the real window. The view from the window changes depending on the position of the viewer in the room.
    The virtual window consists of two plasma 46-Inch HD-TVs controlled by the Winscape program from the Apple Macintosh computer. The viewer movements are tracked by a special sensor using an infrared signal from a device on the person's neck.
    The video and the sound are output on both screens simultaneously so that to provide an effect of presence near the real window. The most impressive moment there is that the picture changes if the viewer moves. The person can even "look out of the window" and see what wasn't visible before.
    Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) are used for pictures changing and system programming. The gadget acts as a remote-control station using the Wi-Fi and Winscape remote application.

    Videos and software for the system can be bought on the The information about virtual window manufacture is also represented on the project website.
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