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LED based TV

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  Well... there's CRT monitors, LCD's, now Plasma. I researched on how Plasma screens work, and it says there that each pixel is made of 3 subpixels, with each having the primary colours. Each subpixel is like a small neon light. It has this really small tube filled with neon or xenon, and one side, the glass tube is coated with colourful phosphour that emits visible light when the UV light from the neon gas hits it. Anyways... well i thought that instead of having these thousands of tubes in a huge array on the screen, to modify the LED. Since the LED is really that a small piece of silicon, and what makes it so bulky is the plastic cover that directs teh light. So since the LED has enough brightness, just make it really really small, so it gives off just enough light. Since LED can be red, green and blue, make the entire screen with LED's printed on an array of invisible conductors.
  What's the big deal about this? Well Plasma screens use a lot of wattage. And there is a possibility of destroying the pixels, either mechanically, or that the neon or the phosphorus inside degrades. A lot of heat is given off also, and it's kinda scary when u put ur hands behind the screen and u feel all that heat. On the other hand, with the led's, if they are powered corectly, they are theoretically nondistructive, they never fade away or burn. They normal red led uses around 10mA and if the size is decreased that would get close to 1mA or even less. That's my idea, i know that LED panels were made, but they're big and they use full size LEDs, which are not very good for a room size screen. Tell me what you think about it, and if it would be doable. I don't mind any criticizing. That's how i get better.
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