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De-Icing Service

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  De-Icing Service business.

  Business Overview

  Here is another great part-time seasonal business opportunity that would go hand in hand with a snow removal service, a roof snow removal service, or both. Starting a de-icing service is about as easy as a business start-up can get. The basis for the business is simply sanding or salting sidewalks, driveways, and steps to prevent people from slipping on ice that may accumulate in these areas in the winter. While salting or sanding trucks can cost a hundred thousand dollars or more to purchase new, it certainly is not required if you plan to focus your marketing efforts on owners of residential homes and small commercial properties for a de-icing service. A truck or trailer can be used to transport the sand or salt, and shovels or small mechanical salting machines can be used for spreading it. Aim to secure long-term repeat clients, and a de-icing service can potentially be a profitable seasonal business to start and operate.
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