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Actor's Photo Portfolios

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  Actor's Photo Portfolios business. Target your photography business to actors by helping them put together professional portfolios.

  Business Overview

  Taking photographs of actors and models is a sector of the photography industry that generates millions of dollars in revenues each year. Providing you have the photography skills and equipment necessary to take professional actors' head shots and create photograph portfolios, then starting a photography business that specializes in actors' and models' portfolios is a terrific business venture to set in motion. The business can be operated from a home photography studio or on a mobile basis going to the actors' and models' locations. Marketing this type of photography service is best accomplished by establishing alliances with acting and modeling agencies and schools. Currently the rate for taking actors' headshots are in the range of $100 to $150 plus $5 to $8 per 8-inch by 11-inch. Modeling portfolios start in the range of $250 and go up in price depending on the complexity of the portfolio.

  The Market

  Customers can be anyone trying to break into the entertainment industry. You may even find clients who simply want nice, professional photos taken of themselves for their own purposes.
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