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  The "OS Card" would be a independant operating system that is installed or flashed onto a PCI-E card for computers.
  A entire operating system such as Windows would come on one of these cards. Instead of booting and running your OS from your local hard drive, it would run most of the OS from the PCI-E card.
  The card would be read only, protecting vital system files from malware such as trojans or viruses. A small number of system files that would require read and write functions would be copied to your local hard drive where they could be modified and read by the card.
  What would this do? For starters it would make installing an operting system much easier. Instead of having to deal with CDs, DVDs and serial numbers a person would simply buy the card and put it in their computer.
  I also believe that this would also put a serious dent in piracy of operating systems. Furthermore, it would free up a considerable amount of space on your hard drive. I also feel that it may even speed up system processes.
  The OS Card could come with it's own independent CPU and Memory (RAM), which would completely remove the need for an operating system's system requirements. This would most likely speed up all other processes and events being run on the computer now that system processes are now no longer hogging PC resources.
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