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  Online Language Instruction business. The world is getting flat and we need help communicating. If you've got the language skills, the internet is the perfect medium to share them.

  Business Overview

  The world has become a smaller place, thanks to the introduction of the internet, and starting a cyberventure that teaches students around the globe various languages may be the new business opportunity you have been searching for. Design and construct a Web site featuring foreign language instructional classes that are broadcast over the internet. Students would simply log onto the site and choose the language they wish to learn. The teaching segments could be filmed using a digital camera and later entered into the correct category on the website. All courses could be taught by qualified professionals who provide their teaching service in exchange for a percentage of the revenue that is collected from the students who enroll for their specific language training program. Charging students a monthly membership fee for joining one of the foreign language instruction programs would generate revenues. Additional income could be earned by selling advertising space on the website, as well as selling related instructional books and programs. Ideally, the marketing of the business could be directed at large international corporations who have an international sales staff that must be multilingual.
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