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Art Supply Store

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  Art Supply Store business. Draw out a new business with an art supply store.

  Business Overview

  Millions of people enjoy creating art as a hobby. It's a great way to be creative and reduce stress. All of these people require art supplies to be able to enjoy their hobbies, and this creates a terrific opportunity to a startup art supplies retail store. The store doesn't have to be large, just well stocked with all the popular art supplies. You can also conduct painting and other art classes at night and on weekends to earn extra income and encourage more purchases.
  You can also run this business online. Remote or small communities often don't have a store that sells art supplies, and these are the communities you'll be serving with your site. In addition to mainstream art supplies like paint, drawing and sculpting tools, also consider selling more exotic or hard-to-find art supplies. The more varied the selection, the better the chances of securing repeat visitors and customers to the site. Promote the site in print publications, through art schools and classes, and with internet marketing and advertising strategies.

  The Market

  Your customers will run the gamut -- crafters, art students, moms buying their kids supplies, professional artists. You'll want to try to appeal to all these folks. If you have a retail location near a college, make sure you have all the supplies for its art classes -- you'll be busy every time a new semester begins. And be sure to offer students a discount.

  Needed Equipment

  If you're running a retail store, you'll need all the accoutrements -- shelves and fixtures, and a complete inventory to open up with. Online, you'll need at least one good computer with a high-speed internet connection. You'll need to find a host for your site and an e-commerce program that lets you take orders. You'll also want to invest in shipping supplies and storage for your inventory.
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