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  Billiards Hall business.

  Business Overview

  Cash flow best describes this business venture. Starting a billiards parlor that provides customers with pool table rentals, a concession stand, and pool lessons is a great business to operate. Not only can a pool hall generate substantial profits, but the payment terms are also great, CASH. The key to owning and operating a successful billiards parlor is location; the business must be located in an area that is likely to attract pool players. Good locations to establish the business include industrial parks, strip plazas, and upscale locations in office districts. Additional income can be gained by selling monthly memberships, and by starting a pool league. Currently pool table rental rates are $8 to $12 per hour for snooker, and $6 to $10 per hour for eight-ball tables. A mere ten pool tables can produce as much as $200,000 per year in business revenues.
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