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Online Farmers' Market

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  Online Farmers' Market business. Feed into the organic market by organizing a favorite business in the community.

  Business Overview

  Take the farmers' market high-tech by going online. Not many farmers producing quality foods have the time or equipment required for developing their own Web site, not to mention the time and costs associated with maintaining a Web site. Thus opportunity calls. Create your own online farmers' market by developing a Web site that features farm fresh products for sale. The site can be indexed by food type and feature farmer listings. In exchange for a monthly fee farmers listed on the site would receive a pop-up page describing their products as well as a listing in the main index. Consumers wishing to purchase products would simply choose their selections, place them in the shopping cart, and head for the checkout. An automatic e-mail response system would notify farmers about product sales and forward the required shipping information. Some day in the not-so-distant future it is possible that all people will shop for groceries online or in an electronic format.
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