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Bathroom and Kitchen Vents

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  Bathroom and Kitchen Vents business. If you're a details person and love home improvement, try helping others bring some fresh air into their homes.

  Business Overview

  Prior to building codes establishing mandatory installations of kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems for all new construction projects, many houses were built without ventilation systems. This fact creates a fantastic opportunity for an inexpensive homebased business venture that has the potential to generate a very lucrative income. Installation of ventilation systems generally only requires a few hours of time and basic tools and materials that can be purchased at any local building center. Designing simple door-hanger fliers and distributing them throughout your community can help promote the service. It won't take long for the phone to start ringing, as anyone who does not have kitchen and bath vents realizes the danger it causes in terms of mold, mildew, and odors. Total start-up costs will be less than $1,000, and an income level of $600 per week is easily attainable.
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