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Seasonal Garden Center

  Seasonal Garden Center business.

  Business Overview

  A seasonal garden center selling trees, shrubs, flowers, and topsoil can return as much as $30,000 in profits in only a three- or four-month operating season. A seasonal garden center is very easy to establish and set up. The main requirements in terms of equipment will be to purchase or rent portable fencing that can be installed around the perimeter of the garden center. A polyvinyl tent or dome may also have to be purchased or rented to act as shelter for the more delicate plants and as the retail outlet. The inventory can be purchased from various greenhouse suppliers on a wholesale basis, and generally the plants, flowers, and shrubs are marked up by at least 100 to 200 percent. The key to success for operating this type of seasonal retailing business is location. The garden center must be located in a visible location in a high-traffic area of the community. Excellent locations include mall parking lots, gas station lots, and grocery store parking lots.
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