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Life extension procedures and substances.

  Many people consider death to be a logical and necessary conclusion of our existence. Some think that if you take away death you will take away the meaning of life. There are many theories and promises regarding what will happen to us after death but what if they don't satisfy me, what if I disagree that the death must be inevitable conclusion of our being? Contemporary medicine does not consider old age and death a disease and that is the problem because they don't test or approve promising drugs that could extend our lives, they take into consideration only substances that treat or cure a disease in their understanding of this word. We are on the edge of inventing means to prolong life and eventually cancel death but it may take a while and that while can be a little bit longer than my lifespan. That would be unfortunate to die a year before such great invention that will allow us to live much longer or don't die at all. Thus, I'd like to apply to everybody who possesses certain knowledge in this question. What procedures and substances you know which passed long research and trial stage, which could prolong our lives and give us better chances to wait till better approved technologies will help us to fight death?
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