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Night view to identify animals on the road

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    The Night View Assist will identify humans as well as an impressive array of road-wandering animals.
Although in-car night-vision systems were developed 13 years ago, they have been limited to identifying only pedestrians. This is because the wide range of animal sizes and shapes makes it much harder to develop a system able to pick them out. To address this problem, the Night View Assist will be developed with a thermal infrared camera that will scan for warm-blooded animals outside of headlight range. A near-infrared windshield camera will capture a vision of the open read, and a central control unit will merge the data and cross-reference the image against 150 parameters.
    When an animal, human or otherwise, wanders too close to the road, they system will show it on an in-dash display. If a collision seems imminent, the system will sound an alarm and pre-charge the car's brakes.
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