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The DSLR wheel of filters adds a new range of artistic flair by letting digital photographers "downgrade" their images to look as if they were taken by a toy camera. The device consists of two wheels with nine different effect lenses or color filters. Once the base-lens is mounted to the camera users can then attach one of the two wheels, which can be rotated to achieve the desired effect for either photographs or video. The wheels also include an empty hole for photographing with...
Manufacturers of photographic equipment continue to improve camera models, change their design, performance attributes for maximum ease of use by consumers. Australian company Fotopol went on a few different ways to deliver maximum comfort to the same consumers. They released a new model of camera on a rack, which is put in hotels and in the streets and can be used by tourists for a group shot. It's not a secret that while taking a group photo there is always the one who...
Dan Waber
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Take a photo of every single person you know. Hang them in a gallery. Run colored string between the pictures. Color code the strong to indicate the nature of the relationship.