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The new tent will be supported by an inflatable skeleton and will be set up in only one minute. The support skeleton of the tent will be inflated in one step, and the beams will be valved into separate sections to prevent collapse in the case of a section failure. The unique geodesic design of the tent will create a sturdy structure that will be more efficient than traditional tent, with a 54 square foot floor plant that can sleep three people easily.
Space is an issue for any backpacker. Why not create camp shoes that can make the most of limited space, zipping into themselves and reducing their size by half? The shoes will be made of a lightweight ripstop fabric and will be lined with a fleece-lined footbed that will be removed for cleaning. The outsoles will be made of 42 percent recycled rubber, which will provide a non-slip surface for walking around the campsite. The camp shoes can be attached to the outside of a...