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The DNA fog tagging system can mark an intruder without their knowledge, making it easier for police to identify them later. DNA marking has already been in use by law enforcement agencies, with the most common use being to mark persons of interest at riots. The new system will be a bit more general, and will be meant to help stop and identify an intruder. Called DNA Fog, the device will fill a room with smoke and DNA-loaded droplets when triggered by a break-in. More than just...
Dr. Gibbson
It was found that transplanting a mother's stem cells into her fetus could be a treatment for genetic blood diseases before birth. Stem cell transplants could prepare the fetus for a bone-marrow transplant from a tissue matched donor after birth. Standard bone-marrow transplants usually require the recipient to take immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of their life, but a dose of maternal tissue matched donor cells could prime the developing fetus's immature immune system for...