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Police may soon be able to use a new automated graffiti identification software to help them keep tabs on gang territory and drug deals. The system will be able to compare photos of graffiti to identify which gang, and sometimes even which individual, created it. Identification will be based up on constant key points in the design and will use crowdsourcing to help decipher unintelligible text. An accuracy rate is supposed to be about 65 percent and higher.
We've got smart phones, but what about smart credit cards that, like wallet-sized Lilliputians, tie you down when you're about to spend too much? If in your travels, you find yourself overspending on certain things - in my case, Starbucks iced coffee - this new money management tool could be useful. Through a service called inControl, you can tell your bank to decline your credit card at restaurants after, say, $300 in lunches in a month. Ron Lieber of the New York Times reports that...