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It seems to be a great idea to create a harness which will allow dogs to be guided remotely and controlled while out of sight. The harness will come with GPS, sensors, and wireless modem allowing handlers to keep track of the dog while issuing commands from a distance. The system will relay the commands to the dog in the form of vibrations or tones that the dog has been trained to recognize.
It would be really cool to have a pet door that responded to a collar on your pet's neck only. If another cat or dog tried to get in, the door wouldn't budge. If your pet couldn't stay inside because of the heat or simply wanted to do its business in the yard, it would be easy to get out and return.
If your dog or cat has fleas, get fresh pine shavings and let your pet sleep for several days at these shavings. Fleas cannot stand the strong resinous smell, so they run away quickly. There is another way to deal with fleas. Take tobacco (you can crumble cigarettes for this) and make tobacco decoction. Then give your pet a bath with this decoction. Of course, the animal won't like such a bath but after this procedure relief from fleas is guaranteed.