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Are all or any of you involved in politics? This would be a wonderful way to change marriage laws. Gays did.
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What is the purpose of having a paypal account? I mean besides (save paying) or w.e..i have one but i honestly don't know what it my stuff I'm buying free? Lol i don't get it..or is it just like another credit card? Can someone please...
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I think it is like i said i heard of friends n other people talking about it but i kinda want to know details please.. n if ur gonna make examples I'm talking d.o.c dopeee!...thank u as much detail as u can would b helpful
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I have written a true untold historical story that is unknown to the public and has been a family secret for nearly 85 years. Years ago my great aunt was out looking for a job and walked into a famous mans office and applied for a secretary job...
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