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The device will use a Bluetooth signal to prevent cell phone use, including texting and apps, while the vehicle is in motion. Once the device is installed in the car it will disable cell phone functions automatically, and will send an email alert if it detects tampering. It will allow cell phone operation if the user is wearing a hands-free headset.
Car accidents are stressful enough, but a special application can help take some of the burden off by providing the information drivers need to document an accident. The app will come with a checklist and on-the-scene accident tools, guiding the user through each step that will need to occur in the moments after an accident. It will provide easy access to emergency numbers, a GPS to help record the accident's location, a flashlight, and a voice recorder. It also will also...
Don't you hate how the time that a yellow light at an intersection veries from light to light intersection to intersection. You think you have enough time to go through the intersection on a yellow light but you end up entering on a red light because the light changed quicker than you thought... Here is the sullution... when approaching an intersection that has stoplights there should be a yellow line painted on the road that would act as a guide line. If the speed limit in that area is lets...
Why not create a driving monitor which will provide new teen drivers with verbal comments to help bring attention to driving errors? The monitor is to be wired to the car's onboard computer and equipped with an accelerometer and a GPS. It will alert the driver to aggressive driving, such as sudden turning or braking, and significant speeding. It will also disable mobile phones while the car is in motion. It could be also possible for parents to be notified of their teen's...