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Why not create an air purifier that will use the natural air cleaning abilities of a plant and magnify them by over 1000 times. The natural filtration of the plant will be improved through a fan that will move the air past the leaves, through the soil and roots, and into a water tray that will trap the toxins.
My idea can be interesting for those who fail in household plants cultivation as they are constantly forgetting to water the plants, do not provide them with enough sun, etc. I suggest creating flowerpots which will warn the owners about such troubles. The pot will have light sensor from the outside and temperature and humidity sensors inside. If the amount of received light, water or temperature are beyond the limits the pot will start blinking red light warning the owner in such...
There are plants which are highly preferred in Feng Shui: * Plants of rounded form; * Plants of rounded form with rounded and thick leaves; * Plants with flowers of bright colors and large size; * All sorts of lianas and vine. Lush forms or bright colors of the plant define its power, presence of positive energy that can provide your home with force. Plants with thick and lush rounded leaves (mainly succulents) attract wealth to the house....