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I have one friends... It`s true that she a kind a good person... but sometime when i ask her to help me or gives me some advice about my problem, she never care or she just said that think it by urself. In addition, she never give me advice. I thought she is my only close friend.. But she always have this attitudes with me. Or some time when she good at sth or she can do sth, i ask her to teach or help me she never tell. N she a kind of person that really want people to care or talk to her. If some friends talk or having a joke with me she always say why dun they do like that to her?? Also, today my friends have a party at home. but they don`t call me . n she tell me to go. but I don`t go ...cuz they don`t call me.. so how can i go without invitation!! I want to give me some advice.. i really need a help.. Right now, I full of stress...
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  This is the type of situations where it's unlikely that somebody can guide you to the best outcome for you. Definitely, not a stranger like me. So, let me just summarize what I understood from your story and give you my thoughts. They are no way the guidelines but may be they will help you to decide what you are really looking for and what you need.
  First of all, you need at least try to assess your own state of mind critically. Try to avoid taking drastic
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