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My fiancé' is 30yrs old. And within the last year he has had a lot of medical problems. First he had kidney stone (2). After that was having lower abdominal pain (a little to the right) the Doc. examined him, told him his prostates where to tender. Doc said he had prostatitis. Doc referred him to a urologist but he couldn't afford to go due to no health ins. has had to go back to the ER several times due to similar pains. Then they told him he had gastritis. Now, 3 days ago started hurting bad. Was hoping it would just go away but it didn't. I made him go to the Doc this morning. His pain is in his upper inner thighs, groin area, the area right behind his nuts, takes longer to pee and burns a little on a scale 1-10 a 4. I have done research on this subject and there has been a lot of misdiagnosis for men with these same symptoms. My question is, what is really wrong with him, what is his real diagnosis and is it curable.
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Bladder stones / Urinary tract infection / Prostatitis

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  My strong suggestion would be to seek for a professional medical help. Without proper diagnostics it is hard to tell what the cause of those symptoms is.
  For example it could be bladder stones. Bladder stones are small masses of minerals that form in your bladder. Bladder stones develop when urine in your bladder becomes concentrated, causing minerals in your urine to crystallize. Concentrated, stagnant urine is often the result of an enlarged prostate, nerve
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