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Sprained ankle

Ok so I've had a sprained ankle for about 5 hours now.I looked it up and it said that I have a first degree sprained ankle(which means it has mild pain and hardly no swelling).I really want to know how long would my ankle be sprained?cuz I'm on spring break(from school)and I really don't want to go to school with crutches or like a ankle brace.I'm pretty much afraid what the other kids will say.Anyway someone pls answer my question!:D
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It's not a big deal anyway

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  Just speaking from my experience - it shouldn't be a problem at all. I personally had sprained ankle many times on a long range hiking and even in those severe conditions I never had to visit a doctor in the end. You simply need to reduce the loading on the sprained ankle for a while, try not to bend it (fix it with high ankle boots if necessary but I think it is not your case) and next day or after a day or two depending on how seriously it was hurt everything... more